Release the Uppers from the Base of the shoes.

Take the shoe off your foot. Start at the back of the shoe with the sole facing up. Put your thumb on the round metal hardware with the CP logo, and grab the inside of the upper with your fingers. Pull the Upper straight out (not upwards) until it releases from the base. Repeat this for the rest of the round metal rivets on both side of the shoe.

Attach a new Upper to the Base.

Pick a new fabulous Upper. Look at the label on the inside of the Upper for an R or L. This indicates the right and left Upper, which corresponds to the right and left shoe respectively. The label also indicates which way the upper should be attached to the shoe with an “outer” noting the side that should be connected to the outside of the shoe. Also, note that if your Upper has a buckle, it should be on the outside of the shoe. (This ensures you won’t the connect the Upper upside-down.)

Place the hardware rivets in the appropriate magnetic channels and hear the rivets click into place. Repeat this for each of the rivets.

Now show off your Cat Perkins shoes.