We’re American women, Catherine “Cat” Levene (pictured right) and Deb “Perkins” (pictured left), who met in Madrid and became instant friends - bonding over many a glass of Rioja, broken Spanish and our love of fashion, particularly shoes.

While traveling through Spain, we realized that dressing well meant packing too many bulky shoes, forcing
us to check luggage. Plus, we had too many single-occasion shoes that were expensive and uncomfortable. Too often, we couldn’t fully enjoy exploring new cities because we were limping in pain.

But we love shoes and refuse to sacrifice quality and style for comfort and versatility. So, we set out to find a solution – to develop shoes that are super fashionable, high-quality and hand-crafted, as well as extremely comfortable and customizable.

We wanted shoes that could keep up with our lives as we transition from day to night,
work to play, classic to trendy, and New York to L.A.

So we created Cat Perkins, the world’s only stylish, interchangeable shoes.

Every shoe has a removable Upper so you can turn one pair of Cat Perkins shoes into as many as your heart desires simply by switching the Upper.

We launched with wedges. Soon we'll add heels and flats.

Now you can travel light without sacrifice.

Pack one base, and a pouch full of Uppers and you can fit everything in a small carry-on bag.

So change it up. Put your pretty feet in a new pair of Cat Perkins – shoes that change when you do.TM