Less Baggage, More Beauty

Travel can take a toll on your beauty regimen – robbing you of precious beauty sleep, hydration, and the privilege of carrying products larger than 3.3 fluid ounces. Cat Perkins designer and expert packer Lislie Yeung follows a minimalist beauty routine that lends itself perfectly to a frequent flier lifestyle.

Below, Lislie shares her favorite travel tips to ensure you stay looking and feeling your best on the go.

Mac lipstick in Media

  • Be a hoarder. Instead of wasting her time hunting down travel-sized products, Lislie saves the travel-sized toiletry kits that airlines give you on international flights and stores them in a basket at home. This way she can literally grab them and throw them in her bag, knowing that they’re safe for travel and can be easily tossed when their contents have been used up. Take advantage of any opportunity to gather samples that you can save for traveling – it will save you time and stress down the road. [image of skincare products on counter – CAPTION: “Lislie’s current crop of products. From L to R: Aesop Purifying Facial, Clarins Hydra-Quench, Clarins Day Screen, Davi hand & body Cream, Les Notes de Lanvin body lotion, Jurlique lip treatment, Aveda Botanical Kinetics.”]
  • Rose water spray. It tones and hydrates your skin to counteract the drying effects of the plane. It also is refreshing and light, which helps reinvigorate you after breathing in stale, recycled airplane air for several hours. When she doesn’t have rose water available, she’ll even use regular water in the mini spray bottle. She isn’t loyal to particular brands; anything that hydrates and perks you up on the go will work.
  • Leave your hair alone. Lislie is one of the few genetically blessed people who doesn’t need to do much with her hair. When she’s traveling, she just lets it dry naturally and finger combs it instead of brushing it. At night, she puts her hair up in a high top knot so she gets natural, voluminous waves by morning. For those of us who aren’t so lucky, find some sample packets or travel-sized versions of your favorite product and follow the same routine with a little product to add volume, fight frizz, or give your hair a little shine.
  • Pare down your routine. Sticking to a few truly essential products makes everything easier. Lislie sticks to these three products to stay fresh-faced during the day: blush, clear brow gel, and eyeliner. For evening, she’ll bring mascara, shadow and lipstick to amplify her look. [image of makeup spread out on chair – CAPTION: “Lislie’s beauty must-haves, clockwise from bottom left: Nars eye shadow duo, Mac blush, Aesop Parsley Seed facial treatment, brow gel, Korres Wild Rose eye treatment, NYX Doll Eye Mascara, Mac brush, Mac liner in black, Diptyque perfume oil, Hanjin Jeju purewater mineral spray.” ]
  • Back up plan. If you still have room, pack some products for contingencies. If you’re prone to bug bites, Lislie suggests La Fresh bug spray wipes, which come in small individual foil packets. Another suggestion: always pack a few Band-Aids. These take up minimal space and you’ll be grateful you have them if you need them.
  • You can still use Ziploc bags outside of the middle school cafeteria. If you are packing any liquids, wrap them up in sealable plastic baggies to stop spills. If you worked so hard to pack lightly, you don’t want to sacrifice the few pieces you did bring to a shampoo explosion.

When it comes to travel, a little preparation goes a long way. You don’t need every product in your beauty arsenal for every expedition. Follow Lislie’s lead and keep your routine simple to minimize stress.